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Jamila-pic 146 Americans die each day from prescription opioid overdoses and 1.9 million Americans
live with prescription opioid abuse or dependence, while 517,000 Americans live with heroin addiction. Opioid addiction disease occurs in every American State, County, socio-economic and ethnic group. 23% of heroin users develop chronic opioid addiction disease.

As a healthcare professional you WILL be faced with having to deal with an opioid related challenge and Vantage Clinical Consulting will help you to develop an action plan with this growing national epidemic.

Our services include onsite assessment and troubleshooting of your current or anticipated opioid behavioral healthcare program/service, followed by a detailed written evaluation with specific recommendations and a suggested corrective plan of action. We can also help you to implement those actions and train your staff. Our goal is to take you from where you are to where you want to go as QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY as possible…

Vantage Clinical Consulting is the bridge that connects Medical and Clinical Addictions treatment specifically in the opioid addiction disease space. We do this by providing the knowledge, training and tools required to increase opioid addiction treatment safety and effectiveness. We collaborate with the communities that you serve to effectively treat patients and clients using a comprehensive approach.


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Establish a Buprenorphine Practice Services

  • Screen and/or Refer
  • Addiction Treatment Considerations
  • Treatment Framework
  • Expanding your medical practice
  • Obtaining a waiver
  • Setting up a (solo/group) practice or program
  • Setting up/managing relationships with: Other providers Counselors ,Pharmacies and Laboratories
  • Client/Patient customer service
  • System Creation
  • Addictions Training (various topics)

Manage a Buprenorphine Practice or Program Services

  • Screening, Diagnosing, Treating
  • System Management
  • Induction
  • Stabilization
  • Treatment Maintenance
  • Medical Withdrawal
  • Managing Special Populations
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Practice Management Tips
  • Latest policies, procedures and documentation

Treating Opioid Addiction Services

  • Treating Opioid Addiction
  • Identify and Address Violations before audits
  • Opioid Risk Reduction (Tips/Tools)
  • Rules/Regs
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managed Care/Insurance
  • Billing/Coding
  • Ongoing staff education

Opioid Overdose Reversal Program Service

To protect your community from opioid overdose. Services include:

  • Training on overdose recognition
  • Awareness of Laws impacting your state regarding overdose prevention and rescue
  • Drug safeguarding and Storage
  • ONDCP’s Take-Back program
  • Referring to treatment

Marketing Your Practice/Program To Your Community

How valuable is your service? Do current or potential clients know?

VCC will help to develop messaging and protocol that is consistent with your brand and the market that you’re serving. We also help you to better communicate your “story” to drive value in your addictions treatment business. Finally, we can create internal and external communications, including newsletters with healthcare industry updates, social media management, blog maintenance and mail campaigns

Additional Services: Corporate Training Packages on Addiction Topics (Please contact us to customize)

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